Pizzoccheri,  taroz, sciatt, bresaola, polenta, venison and every kind of cheese and cold cuts

After dinner, as a digestive, an infusion of Achillea Muscata or a liquor made with Artemisia Genepy. Rumours say there is absinth too.

Here around chefs’ menu don’t have funny names and you’ll avoid fridge assaults in the middle of the night, as sometimes happens after dining in fancy restaurants where the main concern is how the food looks on the plate.

Valtellina’s wines are excellent: Sfurzat, Sassella, Grumello and Inferno. You might have to drink the precious nectar directly poured into a wooden cup from the barrel of a rustic cellar, rather than from fancy balloons. Doing so you will avoid the stress of obnoxious characters that demand to turn a millenarian enjoyable practise into a high philosophical matter.

If you are brave enough, you can challenge folkloristic  boggers’s fests with a culinary fantasy more advanced than a southeastern  Asian country’s.


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