Valmalenco is a lateral valley of Valtellina, placed right in the heart of the Alps. Torre di Santa Maria lays 800 metres above sea level on the southern Italian side of the Bernina range, which has the popular Saint Moritz on the Swiss northern counterpart.

It is 120 km far from Milan Bergamo airport, 140 km from Milan Linate airport, 60 km from Como Lake, 10 km from Sondrio and just few minutes from the ski slopes of Chiesa Valmalenco.

Starting from the bottom of the valley where the river Adda flows and heading north you will see terraced vineyards, broadleaf forests of beech and chestnut, larches and pine trees. Those are the natural habitats of foxes, hares, squirrels, deer, wild boars and bears. Further up, the chamois, the marmot and  the steimbok live along with the partridge and the eagle on the extended grasslands where the  edelweiss grows. Eventually you will face the impressive Piz Bernina and Mount Disgrazia towering over huge glaciers.

The complex geological history of the area gave us also rocks and stones to cave and mine and rare minerals collected by researchers from every corner of the world.

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The house was recently built following high standards of eco-sustainability. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room and living room with a wood stove, 2 panoramic terraces, a laundry,  a ski room, private car park and garage with tools for bike repairing and cleaning.

Spread out on the territory you will find: pre-historical rock carvings, roman bridges, medieval towers, 16th century churches and wonderful examples of rural architecture -to be honest, as per Italian tradition, often left in a total state of negligence.

The village is very quiet but within 100 metres you will find:  bar, pizzeria, butcher, grocery, fruit shop, post office, bank, doctor, pharmacy, soccer pitch, tennis court and playground. On the way back from the newsagent you might step on a mushroom or a hen.

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